Hair Update

This isn't me, by the way

I know, an unprecedented two blogs in one day! Anyone would think I had a tender package to finish or something!

I noted with interest, browsing through my own back blogroll  (but understand I may be alone here) that when I originally did my hair pink, that I didn’t mean to, and was somewhat embarrassed by the result.( Well I am forty-odd, and have only recently given up the ultimately pointless striving  for gravitas that occupied my twenties and thirties.)

Now, I find I really like it, and don’t want to go back to have boring proper hair like the other grown up ladies. I am in fact flirting with the idea of turning it dark green, and have remembered all those years when in fact I longed to have stupid coloured hair, and even now still have a bit of a stealthy hankering after white-woman dreadlocks.

Now, if you are reading this, and I actually know you, I may at some point ask you what you think about my hair. “Do you think my hair makes me look like  a crazy middle aged hippy? is the probable format it will take. Even if you do feel able to compose a truthful answer in your head, such as “Yes :  beige is so much more flattering for older women” or ” Yes : get a fringe, it’ll hide your massive forehead” or “Don’t ask me, I’m a man and I don’t give a sh*t about your hair” please just say “NO!!!” and move on, because the fact is I like it and I won’t take any notice.

This is me! Cute Hair!

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