OFFERED : Sony TV (not flat screen)

I would like a new TV : mine is about seven years old, and has just started doing a weird flippy thing at the bottom, which I am thinking is probably the beginning of the end for it’s poor old CATHODE RAY.

I have just joined freecycle, and so my inbox is full to bursting with people who WANT all sorts of great things, but seem to have only crap to OFFER. : Billy bookcases abound, as do used maternity equipment ( I am a frugal mother, but, Ew!) and, of course, large sized televisions, that will need picking up.

Now, have I got the spirit of freecycle wrong? I thought it was a way of reducing waste by giving away items you can no longer use, NOT as a free disposal service for people who are chucking away a perfectly good, quite expensive item, because they’ve bought a newer, posher, flatter, screener one.

I know I’ll get banned if I do this, but I would like to :

A. Pretend I want their telly, then fail to pick it up. Maybe several times, under the alias of several specially created identities.

B. Email them to suggest a good use for their old telly, as a stand for their new flat screen one.

C. Email them to ask why they can’t use it until it breaks.

D. Email them to ask if I can have their flat screen one, and they keep the perfectly good ‘old’ one.

Meanwhile, I am sitting smugly in front of my soon-to-be-kaput telly, hoping it will get on with it so I can have a new FLAT SCREEN one before Christmas, and not have to feel guilty. Yay!


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