Nutcase Alert!


I live just next to an estate in North London, where there are some interesting trees that must have been planted for their food value, about 30-40 years ago. I have been puzzling a bit over this tree that looks like an Ash, but this time of year drops fruits ( all over the path and playground!) that look a bit like lemons :


 IMAG0310IMAG0313                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  even when I opened one up, and found a very walnutty looking nut in there, and got my hands stained a very Essexy shade of orange tan, I still didn’t work it out, until a Google picture search brought up the exact fruit, and identified it as Juglans Nigra, or black walnut.

I went this morning to pick some up, and did feel a bit like a crazy lady, with my carrier bag : a couple who saw me looked at me, looked at the nuts,  and then stamped on some : possibly to investigate what they were, or maybe just to demonstrate that they were waste. In fact the street sweeper carried off a lot of them just as I was leaving.

After I found out what it was, I cracked it open : the shells are much thicker than Juglans regia ( king of nuts? Jupiters glans, apparently!) but the resulting nut was sweet, fruity, and most importantly for me, not available to buy, anywhere.

Capitalism works by chopping up the earth’s resources, including us, and dividing it into easy profits, and waste, but we, by our own mental and physical effort, can choose the extent to which we collaborate. These nuts, that are, by consensus worthless, or without value, are available for all of us to rediscover as priceless : with a value too high to be costed.

Now, would anyone like to help me get the rinds off, scrub the black stuff off, and start cracking open the treasure?


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